Making Your Home Baby-Safe

Making Your Home Baby-Safe

If you have a small child in your house, you know the amount of trouble he can get into, while right inside your house. If you don’t have a child who is old enough to crawl, you are yet to experience this. But there is no end to the amount of trouble they can get into while right under your nose. This is why you, as a parent need to think about baby proofing your home, for the safety of your child. Here are some ways you can go about the task. 


Kid Level Things

The easiest things for your kid to reach are the things that are at his level of height. For example, your TV can be one of the things that he could reach if it is kept at a height as same as your child. If you have any TV screen repair in Melbourne to be done, and if you haven’t got around to it, this could be a safety hazard. The same can happen with your other appliances that are at a child’s height level. Make sure that all such appliances are in conditions that are not a threat to your child.


Children love to throw things. This can be anything that fits in their fist, such as paper weights, small vases, ornaments or toys. These things could hit windows or other glass objects such as televisions and cause harm to your kid in return. To avoid your kid breaking the windows or shattering the television and leaving you with a TV screen repair job, make sure that you do not leave such objects within the reach of your child. Designate a ‘play room’ for your child so that he can throw anything he likes to his heart’s content. This link will give you more reviews on finding the right repair service.


Any and every electronic appliance at your house needs to be kept out of reach of your kid at all times. If in case of a toddler and you wish to participate her in activities such as baking, you need to monitor her continuously if she uses any electronic appliance. All other electric sockets should be baby proofed. You can purchase baby proof electric sockets at a minimal price from the local hardware store.

Doorways and Windows

All doorways and windows in your house should have baby guards. While many people do the doorways, they forget the windows. Children of a learning age can be pretty innovative and hence one cannot simply leave windows unprotected. Put in a railing so that your kid cannot go into other rooms of the house unsupervised. The door knobs and window latches should also be installed with baby proof knobs and latches so that your child cannot pass them, even if he gets through the pen.

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